Lessons in the Frunchroom

I lived in a big farmhouse, with many rooms and doors, when I was a little girl.  The Frunchroom was my favorite.  That’s was the cozy room at the front of the house.  That’s the room where indoor adventure happened.  That’s where I learned a lot of things no one was trying to teach me.

The Frunchroom had long windows with starched white curtains and four doors:  one came in from the dining room and one went out to the front porch; one was for the bedroom that me and Deanna and Bonita slept in, and one for the one Mom and Dad and baby Vickie slept in.  I loved to listen to that low talk between Dad and Mom, and sometimes whisper-laughing ’cause it was night and us kids were in bed and they were afraid to wake us, but I, for one, had my ears wide open. Continue reading