Christmas from the Old Country

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma Z’s was very different from at Grandma C’s.  There were fewer children, louder talking, lots of food, and no presents exchanged.  The fact that Mom’s family was catholic and Dad’s came from a mix of Evangelical Christian (Grandpa) and Quaker (Grandma) was only the beginning.

Mom only had two brothers and one sister.  Uncle Kenny and his wife, Aunt Pat looked like movie stars ’cause they were about as  tall as the ceiling and had jet black hair, and clothes that hung on them like they were born to wear beautiful clothes.  They lived far away; way the heck over in New England.  I never even left the state, except to go to Chicago to visit Mom’s cousin Irene and her kids; that was just around Lake Michigan, so hardly counted as leaving the state.  New England was way far away, and people there talked funny, leaving out the last letter lots of times.  Mom taught us to speak clearly, ’cause Continue reading