NaBloPoMo: Taking the Challenge

Adela, 6th gradeI never think of myself as being competitive.  I am more of a collaborator, a builder, a creator.  Or am I?    Tell me I can’t do something and I’m sure to prove you wrong.  Throw down a challenge, and I’ll to pick it up.  I guess it all started when I was a little girl.

Mom and Dad were geniuses at thinking up quiet contests for kids to do.  Like Dad’s “1-2-3 Quiet as a Mouse.”  Whenever he said those words, the whole car got so quiet, we could hear the bugs hitting the windshield.  Even from the way-back.  That’s the place behind the back seat where mostly Little Kids sat, ’cause Dad said there’s no sense in paying extra money for a third seat in a car wheb kids crawl all over the place pretending they’re dogs and horses and stuff.  I sat back there, too, especially if I thought Mom might make me get out and go into a store by myself of something.  I hated doing that kind of job.  Anyways, “1-2-3 Quiet as a Mouse” lasted for miles and miles, with nobody saying a word, even “I gotta go to the bathroom,” which got said a lot by kids trapped in the car.  Something about getting in a car always made me thirsty or made me need to go to the bathroom.  Mom said she had the same problem with phone booths.  She never could get in one without needed to go Number 1 as soon as that foldy-door snaps shut behind her.

Mom made up a keen game once with candy, when we sat in the car waiting for Dad to come out from talking to someone or another.  Dad could never just Continue reading