Sit up Straight, Feet on the Floor: Write

Cursive will no longer be taught in school?  Oh my, handwriting was such an important skill when I grew up.  Even more so, for Mom; she has the most beautiful Palmer Penmanship in the world.  I was lucky; I had a south-paw teacher who taught me the correct way to slant my paper, and drilled, drilled, drilled me.  My penmanship is fair, but lacks the beauty of Mom’s.  A letter from Mom spells love just by the shape of the letters.

Mr. W, helped me learn to write cursive.  “Slant your paper to the left,” she said.  “Except you.”  Mrs. W stepped over to my desk and slanted my paper to the right.  “You and I,” she said, “We write upstream from everyone else.”  She gave me a wink like we had special powers no one else had.  “We’re southpaws.”  That’s another word for lefty.  I figured that one out my myself, although I never did think it made much sense; I thought if lefty was a direction, it should be west-paw.  Hands are right-left, east west, not up down, north south.  Mom said sometimes it’s better not to think Continue reading