Loss (Again)

I went to lots of funeral and visitations when I was a little girl; that’s what you do  to pay your last respects.  People got really down in the dumps at funerals.  Sometimes people said stupid things like “doesn’t she look so peaceful’, or “he just looks like he fell asleep.:  Sometimes people just say stuff like that to fill up the quietness that comes with sadness.  I never thought those dead people even looked a bit like there real selves, let alone peaceful and asleep.  They looked like store manikin, all dressed up in the dead person’s clothes.  Once I asked Mom why people got so sad when they knew the dead person was in heaven.  She said they were just sad for themselves, ’cause they were gonna miss that person so much.  All the people I knew who died were old and had a pretty good life.  They probably looked down from the pearly gates and wished they could wave or something, so the people they loved would stop all the crying.

Mom told me that sometimes babies died from crib death.  That’s when a baby forgot she was out here in the world, and Continue reading