Friends and Work and Work Friends

When I was a little girl, my parents lives were full of work and chores and things to do.

My Dad was full of adventures and friendships.  Of course he had his five brothers, my uncles, which meant he had a leg up in adventure department.  Those guys were always thinking up something crazy funny to do. Dad had neighbor friends, too.  I knew those men; I saw them all the time:  Men that loved to laugh and play card games, and baseball with us kids.  Men who tried to teach us kids how to play old-fashioned games like Kick the Can or Flag Football, and looked all down in the dumps when we wanted to play our own games.  We preferred “Freeze-tag” and “Piggy in My Pen.”

Dad had some mysterious friends, too.  Army Buddies and Work Friends.  I hardly ever saw those friends, I only heard their stories.  I had a good imagination, so Continue reading