Lilies of the Field

The Magpies

Five of the six girls (and one of the three boys)  That’s me in the sundress.

When I was still a little girl, and turning toward teendom, I asked Mom, “What would you do if one of your kids turned out ugly?”  Up until that time, I never thought about whether I looked or acted beautifully.  I was just me.  What else could I be.  I suppose that’s what it means to “Be like a child,” or free from worry, “like the lilies of the field.”

Mom’s eyes opened so wide that the white around all that deep brown showed.  Her brows arched up high on her forehead.  I knew that look.  That was the kind of look where she got sorta peeved at me for asking so many questions out of nowhere.

Mom’s response was as wise as any prophets:

“Why I never gave it a thought.  Why would any of my children turn out ugly?  Each of you are already so beautiful.  What in the world could change that?”

I’m telling you, I felt exactly like Continue reading