The Way to Run

Did you ever run away from home?  Almost everybody I know did at one time or another.  I suppose we all feel unwanted, misunderstood, or ignored at  even the most well-behaved little girls have a desire to punish their family, or at least make them stand up and take notice.  I did too.

My friend Betty said she wanted to run away, but her Mom said, “Get the suitcase, I’ll help you pack.”  Bonita ran down to the end of the driveway, but she didn’t know which way to turn, ’cause her best friend was Dougie, across the road, and Mom and Mrs. R visited every day.  Deanna ran away down to Clete’s.  Cleta’s Mom fixed liver for dinner, so Deanna came home.

I don’t know what made me do it.  Maybe Bonita was too busy with Doug and Tommy.  Maybe Mom yelled at me for a messy room.  Maybe Deanna talked me into playing Monopoly with her one day.  I hated that game, ’cause it lasted so long, and that was way too much sitting around waiting.  Just like those musicals Deanna liked to watch, a whole lot of waiting for the action to come around.  Besides, Deanna liked Monopoly so much she loaned everyone money, and let them get to Go, just so the game would last longer.  That was against the rules, but I didn’t know that, ’cause Deanna was the rule-keeper, and she knew everything about Monopoly.

Anyways, I got mad, screamed and yelled, and then sat down and bawled until my breath came out in stuttery sobs.  Deanna said I better straighten up ’cause Mom and Dad were going to send me away.  “You need to be in an insane asylum,” she said.  “They don’t know what to do with you, you are so emotional.” Continue reading