Chicken Wars and Rooster Tales


Chickens (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

One year the Easter Bunny left chicks at my cousins Debbie and Jimmie.  Those chicks were cute as could be, all yellow and fluffy, peep-peeping in a box under a warm lamp.   I bet you can guess, they were not so much fun wandering around the house; even around my big yard, I sometimes had to be careful where I stepped, I sure wouldn’t want a chicken wandering around inside my house, like they were at  Debbie’s and Jimmie’s.

One of those chicks turned out to be a rooster, who drove town-folks nuts with all his crowing, ’cause a rooster isn’t content with one crow in the morning, he keeps at it until he’s  sure everyone is up-and-at-’em, heading out the shoot, and scratching in just the right corner of the yard.   Pretty soon, my cousins’  grown-up chicks moved out to our farm. Continue reading