Meeting Miss Jonsi-Belle

Here she is with the same PJs Grandma made for her way back when.

My interests were more about being outside, playing Cowboys and Indians, building forts and looking at rocks and insects.   The only thing I liked to do inside when it was cold outside, was curl up on Dad’s chair and read.  I had no interest in dressing paper dolls or playing with baby dolls.  That is until I saw a little waif of a doll in the gift case at the hospital where Mom was having one baby or another.

Grandma C waited with us kids down in the lobby, while Dad visited Mom and the new baby.  Probably Frankie.   I never knew what Dad and Mom talked about for so long.  Dad was up there forever, and I had to sit down there in those chairs with stiff backs and hard seats the whole darned time.  There was nothing to do and nobody interesting to talk to.  Grandma sat there comfortable as could embroidering dresser scarves with tinsy-tiny Continue reading