Rushing to save a minute

Dan McCaleb, a local writer for the Northwest Herald, wrote an editorial that threw me right back to when I was a little girl.  It seems Dan gets frustrated with people who drive at a relaxed pace, well-below the speed limit, along some of the winding roads in the our rural county.  If only he had my dad when he was a little boy.

Getting to church on time was quite the challenge, when I was a little girl.

For some reason, keeping track of the little kids’ shoes was next to impossible.  I looked in the toy box, cuz kids throw all sorts of non-toys in there, just to get the room cleaned up.  I found some tooth fairy money in there after Bonita waited a blue-moon and the tooth already got taken away by the fairy.  I figured it was a rotten tooth, until I found the money in the toy box.  I supposed the fairy had to high-tail it out of there before we saw her. Once Johnnie’s shoe got stuck on the underneath side of the stool he used to get close enough to the toilet and pee standing up like a big boy.  I thought we’d never find that shoe.

Anyways,  searching for shoes or hats and running out the door to get to church was the way we got there most Sundays.  We had a tin barrel of Sunday hats on account of six girls in the family.  But you had to remember Continue reading