Staying the Halloween Jimmy-legs

I believe Dad liked Halloween as much as I did.  He stayed out of the costume discussions, never shopped for Halloween treats, and never considered dressing in a costume himself.  Still, he took us kids around to the neighbors; it was his idea to have a Halloween party when I was a little girl; and one year, when I was a not so little girl,  he stayed at home and ready for all the trick-or-treaters.

Our house got just a few trick-or-treaters, ’cause it was in the middle of the mile and just a few houses were on that mile.  That was a lot of walking for a few Squirrel Chews, Red-hots, Neccos, and Continue reading

Halloween: It’s Costume Time

When I was a little girl, Halloween was all about the costume.  Of course, I loved trick-or-treating. Still, Deanna, and Bonita, Vickie, and I started planning our costumes on Nov. 1, the day after Halloween, for the next Halloween.  Everyone who trick-or-treated had a costume.  Plus, we wore our costumes to school for the Halloween Party.  Maybe people could buy Halloween costumes; if they could, it was rare.  I am sure no one rented them, and there were no pop-up stores, just for Halloween, like there are now.  Another thing:  Halloween was just for kids.  No adult parties.  Adults never dressed up in costumes for Halloween.  Never, when I was a little girl.

I L-O-V-E loved Halloween.  Once Mom made me an elephant costume out of an old sheet, she dyed with RIT.  She did it in the washing machine, just like the box said, which was a good idea for getting the sheet the same color as an elephant, but bad for about a weeks worth of laundry.  Mom followed the directions to a T; just like the box said.  I know, cuz I heard her tell Nancy’s mother all about it, over a cup of tea.  The washing machine looked clean as a whistle, but that dye got hung up somewhere, and the whole laundry came out looking like a grey, old elephant.  That same year, Mom made Bonita a monkey suit out of an old furry coat somebody or another game us as hand-me-downs.  Relatives, I never even remembered I had, were all the time giving us hand-me-downs.  Mom was a wiz at making new things out of old things.  Those old clothes were like buried treasure.

Later on, Vickie wanted to be a mouse, and my old elephant costume got its ears clipped and its trunk snipped, and voilà, a mouse was born.  Mom made me into a mummy one year, and the headless horseman another.  That’s the year I won the contest for most original costume.  The goofy judge thought I was a spaceman. That’s just cuz he probably never read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”  I’m telling you, my mom could make any kind of costume in the whole wide world.  She made Julie a Little Red Riding Hood costume, and the hooded cape was so neat-keeno, that Julie wore it to school, every day she could, her whole kindergarten year.  Mom made tons of costumes for us kids.  If we dreamed it up, she found a way to make it.

I never got good at making costumes.  But… I still like Halloween.  And the best part of Halloween is figuring out what to “be.”  Every year, me and G-Money have a Halloween party for the grand-kids the weekend before Halloween.  This year, I dressed up as Mayhem (Allstate) and G-Money was the Affleck Duck.  (Actually, I was a biohazard, but the grandkids didn’t know what that was, so they morphed me into Mayhem. )  Mom came this year.  I dressed her up as Mrs. Potts.  No, I didn’t make the costume; I bought it.


Mom (aka Grandma, aka Buscia) dressed as Mrs. Potts

Mom still makes costumes.  This year, she made one of her grandchildren into the Stanley Cup, and she made several saints costumes.

Here’s one of Mom’s latest creations, the Stanley Cup.  (I know, I know, everyone knows, the Black Hawk are the Cup winners.)




This is the extent of my costume making ability:

Costume (1)

Biohazard and Duck (also known as Mayhem and Affleck)


Oh well, my Halloween expertise is with the food.  Click on this link to see some my ghoulish Halloween Food Creations: