Going to the Chapel and We’re Gonna get Mar-ar-ar-ied

I love weddings. I’m going to my nieces wedding this weekend.  I look forward to kicking up my heels and dancing the night away.  When I was a little girl, a wedding was for everyone, and it lasted all day long and late into the night.  I thought weddings were the most fun for kids.

When my Aunt Annie got married, I got a new Uncle Jim.  I already knew Jim ’cause he hung out at Grandma’s all the time, hugging and kissing Aunt Annie and making her giggle.  She just about never looked at me when he was over.  Sometimes she kicked him when they sat on the couch and pretended to watch TV.  .  I knew she was really just finding some excuse to touch.  Jim, who was going to be Uncle Jim, grabbed Aunt Annie’s big toe and tickled her foot.  That made her squeal and kick and cry out, “Ji-iiim, Ji-iim,”  just the same way Mom said, “De-ean,” when she was pretending to be mad, but was really proud and happy.  That’s the exact moment I knew Aunt Annie loved Jim more than anything.

Everybody got dressed in the best Sunday clothes for Aunt Annie’s and Uncle Jim’s wedding.  Aunt Annie looked just like a princess, with a tiara and everything, she even had Continue reading