Hot, Hot, Hot

This summer, I keep saying, “This is a summer from my childhood.”  It’s sooo hot.  Just the way I remember summers.

I never knew about air-conditioning when I was a little girl.  My school didn’t have it.  Our car didn’t have it.  My house didn’t have it.  We had a window fan pointing out in one upstairs window, supposedly pulling the hot air out.  That was our air-conditioning.  A lot of good that did in a  big old farmhouse.  The only thing that cooled at all was the shade.  My house had lots of trees around it.

When it was super hot, I just laid down on the carpet in the living room and watched the breeze blow through Mom’s lace curtains.  The leaves on all the trees outside and the gauzy shadow of the curtains made patterns of sunshine on the walls and the carpet.  I just laid there and let my imagination wander around wherever it wanted to go.

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