Sinking into Adventure

The farthest I traveled, when I was a little girl, was to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Chicago.  I traveled outside the country:  to Canada; well, to the little island of BoLo, just outside The Motor City.  Deanna dreamed of traveling to far off places.  I liked to be home.  What could I see and experience in exotic places?  My house was the best place in the world.  That’s why my friends came to my house.  We had all kinds of adventures at my house.

My friend, Daylene like to spend the night at my house.  She lived in a tinsy-tiny house just a couple of blocks from school.  Daylene was a walker, so she went home for lunch.  Sometimes, I walked over there, if I had permission to go down-town at Noon Hour.  Daylene’s house was always warm and cozy and smelled spicy.  Her mom was short and round and had big white teeth that smiled even when she just sitting there, still and relaxing.  Sometimes Continue reading

Would you like to ride on a Star? Carry Moonbeams home in a Jar?

I can count the times on one hand, maybe even leave out the thumb, the number of times my family went to an amusement park when I was a little girl.  When we did, it was like rolling up all the fun of a week-long vacation into one day.

Of course, I always went to the County Fair in August, but I only looked at the rides.  For one thing, I was busy with Lady Bird, in the 4-H show, making sure she kept her tail clean.  Dad took to us kids to every single display of old-fashioned tractors, trucks and tools  He said, “This is what we used when I was a little boy.” He had that happy grin on his face, like he was sharing something super-interesting, that no kid could live without.  Why would I care about something that happened such a long, long time ago?  Those tools were rickety and rusted looking, and some of the needed horses to work.

Mom told me when she and Dad were dating, he liked to take her to the Fair, too.  Once a hawker was gathering people around to tell them about a treatment for hemorrhoids.  He shouted out in that special carny voice that’s way louder that a normal voice and each syllable is pronounced distinctly, so you know exactly what he’s saying; that same kind of voice Mom used when she’s angry, and she wanted me to know she meant business, only a carnie left out the angry part.

“Many people are embarrassed to tell their doctor they have hemorrhoids,” the carnie shouted.  “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”  Dad and Mom saw the crowd kind of shuffling around and looking down, like Continue reading