Sharni and Timmit

I met Sharni Montgomery a couple of years ago.  It turns out we started our blogs about the same time, and she has a birthday in the same month as mine.  Sharni is 33 years old.  Yes, I’m old enough to be her mother, but we’re still friends.  She’s  an Australian girl living in a country town with her partner Cowboy, and her 3 year old son, Monte.  Soon Sharni’s daughter will enter this bright world.  In the meantime, she is making her presence known.  Sharni used to be a party-animal-city-slicker who got herself into all sorts of mischief and strife.  She now finds  a more settled life in the Country agrees with her more. I wonder if Sharni watches “Up All Night” on T.V.

Sharni is keen on seeing the beauty in every day life, but sometimes get caught up in over-thinking the silly stuff. She love connecting with new people, having a laugh and finding and following my dreams.  I find Sharni’s blog, Sharnanigans. encouraging and her poetry is delightful.  Plus, she gives Monte some space to express his thoughts.


When Sharni was a little girl,she loved to write and write and write. She has books full of half-written poems, fictional stories – and she liked to spend a lot of time living in Enid Blyton‘s  THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE. She always thought she would be a writer or entertainer. If Sharni wasn’t writing, she was performing – she loved the worlds she could create in her imagination.

Sharni’s baby girl does not have a name yet, however her big brother, Monte insists she is Timmet.  There’s nothing in my book of names that come close to Timmit.  Still I did a little research, and according to Urban Legend, Timmit means “Time is money, money is time.”  Hmmm… What does three-year-old Monte know?

Timmit is 19 weeks old in gestational time. She love it when Mum downloads online meditations and connects with her.  Mum is so frantic all the time, Timmit loves having this downtime where they really make contact.  Timmit is not a fan of pizza.  She enjoys loud concerts particularly the one they went to on the weekend, and she enjoy it when her big brother Monte talks to to her via Mum’s tummy.  She already recognizes Monte’s voice, and can’t wait to meet him.

When Timmit is grown, she plans to sleep all night which will reaaaally shock Mummy and Daddy and she will add a new and fun dynamic to this family.  Timmit can hardly wait to see all the faces that go with the voices she is hearing through the nice warm cocoon of her mother.  Timmit believes that as soon as she’s grown, she’ll be born, which is something she’s never done before and seems quite mysterious.  Let’s not tell her it’s just the beginning. She’ll find that out soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Sharni and Timmit

  1. Thanks so much for the honor of Timmit’s first interview (she just asked me to write this on her behalf via a special language of reflux) Love this, and will treasure it Adela!

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