Sabrina and Alyia

English: Dental Hygienist

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Sabrina says she a Kenya girl who is mult-faith, multi-cultural.  She’s a dental hygienist, and a happy wife.  Sabrina is the oldest child of three:  she has one sister and one brother and she is very close to both of them.

Sabrina considers herself a Protestant, although her father is has a strong Muslim faith and both of her siblings are Muslim.  Sabrina attributes this to her father living apart from the family for the first four years of her life.  Sabrina’s Mom is Protestant and her faith and practices in Sabrina’s early years had a strong influence on her.  Sabrina’s paternal grandmother disapproved of her parents’ marriage, so her father lived with her grandmother early in the marriage.

Sabrina grew up in Kenya.  When she was 17 years old, she moved to Canada with her family. Sabrina’s family is still in Toronto.  She now lives in Michigan.

When Sabrina was a little girl, she loved singing, and was active in the church choir.  Recently, she got into a little trouble while singing Amazing Grace in the shower. Perhaps it was not trouble so much as she got some surprising praise.  Her neighbors in the adjoining apartment started to applaud!  Oh my, what a a surprise, indeed.

Sabrina thinks being a mother is really great:  just sitting and playing with Alyia is wonderful fun.  She is happy Alyia loves to play Tea Party; that was Sabrina’s favorite when she was a little girl.

Sabrina hopes she can help Alyia avoid some of the mistakes she made while growing up.  Sabrina is 30 years old and Alyia is her only child.

Alyia is 15 months old and grabs for anything red.  She hates eating.  Well, maybe she likes sweet things, everything else is bad.  Alyia is just a ball of energy.  There is no trace of shyness in Alyia; she very sociable and talkative.  He says “Hi,” “Bread”, Bird,” and “Hot.”  She may believe “hot” means “cup” because she associates the two. Grandfather taught her about “hot” with his coffee cup, but she missed how the word is connected to the sensation, and thinks it means “cup.”

Alyia will be just like her dad when she grows up, very calm and logical.  Well, that’s what her mother hopes.  Alyia already knows her own mind, and knows how to exert her will.  She may have some goals she isn’t sharing yet.

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