Ricki and Makenzie

I met Ricki and Makenzi at a children’s production of Wizard of Oz on a cold and snowy January afternoon.  Can you believe it?  Ricki is Makenzi’s grandmother.

Ricki is 48 years old.  When she was a little girl, she wanted to be married to a handsome man and have beautiful children and grandchildren. Ricki’s dreams came true.  She has two beautiful daughters, and a grand-daughter who calls her Mimi.

This is another little girl who likes to help sick people get better.

When Makenzi grows up she wants to help people at a hospital.  She loves meeting and helping people.  Makenzi is already a gracious helper of Once a Little Girl, even though we were at a comfortable theater and nobody was sick.  Mekenzi is five years old.

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