Michelle and Sammi and Abby and Ellie

Just look at this beautiful family of girls! I met this beautiful family watching a basketball game.

Michelle is a stay at home mom who volunteers at church and helps organize in play groups.  In her spare time, (Whew!  Where does she find any?) Michelle loves to scrap-book.  When Michelle was a little girl, she was pretty precocious, a chatter-mouth of sorts.  She was the youngest of three, and she loved to boss everyone around.

Dancer Abby Silva Gavezzoli leads a master cla...

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Sammi is six years old and in the first grade.  She loves coloring; Gold is her favorite color.  Good choice, Sammi.  When she grows up, Sammi plans to be tall.  She loves soccer and dance.  Tall will come in handy for a beautiful dancer who can bend it like Beckham.

Ellie likes to smile and dance, just like her sister.  Right now, she is experimenting with gravity and force by throwing her toys at various angles and velocities.  Or, perhaps she is experimenting with human behavior or retrieval systems.No matter how many times she throws her green toy, someone always give it back.  Perhaps Ellie will be a scientist.  At any rate, she will grow up knowing she can depend on her family.  Ellie is almost one year old.

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Abby plays basketball.  She’s a great at dribbling and is already on her way to being a valued defensive player. Plus, she has a black belt in Tai Kwan Do, so don’t even think about crossing her.  Abbie is 10 years old and in the fifth grade.  She loves all kinds of sports and lots of different types of music, especially pop.  I bet she loves Taylor Swift; I sure do.  Abby also loves playing with her sisters.  They are her inspiration for what she wants to be when she grows up:  a teacher.  Perhaps she inherited that ‘bossy’ gene her mom told me about.  Abby is pretty sure she’ll look like her mom, too.

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