Mia and Heather

MIa was born and raised in Michigan, that’s where both her children were born.  After years working in the medical field, Mia has her own nail salon in her home.  She loves meeting a chatting with people.  It’s

so much fun.  Mia married Alan 22 years ago; his career transfer six years ago brought them to Illinois.     Mia is the baby of her family, with older brothers and a sister.  She graduated from Central Michigan University.

Mia told me the scariest thing about having a daughter is that something tragic could happen to her little girl while she’s still under Mia’s wings:  That would be devastating, just devastating.   This past school year presented Heather with some tough challenges.  The best thing about having a daughter is having so much fun together.  Mia loves seeing Heather grow and learn to handle difficult situations.  It’s fun shopping, laughing, and teasing each other.  It doesn’t need to be anything special, just hanging out on Heather’s bed is a good time.

When Mia was a little girl, she loved kittens.

Cats, Kitten

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She told her mom she would have five kittens when she grew up.  Kittens would be her

life.  She did not want any children back then.

Mia knew how to take care of herself from an early age.    When she was just four years old, she took a garden shovel from the garage and lambasted the neighbor boy over the head.  She got in BIG trouble.  Still, the neighbor boy never called her “Mia-Pia” again.  Mia is 46 years old and does not advocate violence as a means of conflict resolution.

Heather is 13 years old and in the 7th grade.  She likes animals just like her mother did, except her cat; she does not like her cat.  She likes reading and language arts and hates math and science.  She loves to dance, especially hip hop and jazz.  Heather’s friends are important to her, so she likes to hang out.  When she can’t do that, she texts, texts, texts.  Except for the day I met her.  She earned her iPod Touch by getting good grades. Hurray!  No more iPod until the grades come back up.  Boo!

Heather has one brother who is mean to her.  Still, she rather have an older brother than a younger one.  Heather is still getting accustomed to her braces, they’re cutting a groove in the inside of her cheek, which hurts a lot.  She hates dentists.  I can see why.  Eeeww!

Heather’s favorite colors are purple and red, and her favorite number is 12.  “Mine, too,” says Mia.  Whadayaknow!  Mia’s favorite color is pink.  That’s way too girly-girl for Heather.

When Heather grows up she will be rich and successful.  She’ll have a big house, lots of pets, and a husband.  She does not want kids.  Heather plans to be an Aqua Vet and live in a beach house in Florida.  She hates living in a place with so much cold weather.  I’m with you girl.

2 thoughts on “Mia and Heather

  1. hi adela!
    i love what you wrote about our interview! i it was fun to do so and i appreciate you giving heather and i the opportunity!

    mia 🙂

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