Maricsal and Yancy

Universal Parks & Resorts

Universal Parks & Resorts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I meet some of the most interesting people just standing in line.  That’s where I met Maricsal and Yancy.  We had a twenty-minute wait at Universal Studios Theme Park.  We had a great conversation with the help of Maricsal’s son-in-law, Ray.  Darn-it, I wish could do more than count to ten and introduce myself in Spanish.  Still, Thank-you, Ray.

Maricsal is 48 years old and three daughters and one grand-daughter.  She moved to the USA from Cuba in 1995.  She is really, really happy with her family.  A large family gives much happiness; she got married 31 years ago.   Maricsal had her first daughter when she was 19 years old, and nineteen years later, she had her youngest daughter, Yancy.  Mariscal was a happy little girl, with her mother and father together in Cuba.  The scariest thing about having a daughter at age 38 was thinking that perhaps by the time Yancy got to be 15, Maricsal would be very old, or perhaps no longer around.  Oh my goodness, Mariscal, you are still so young and vibrant.  I am certain you will see your family grow even bigger in size and happiness before you are too old to enjoy them.

Yancy is 11 years old and in the 5th grade.  Her favorite color is purple, and she has no favorite number; she is not crazy about math, even though she gets all A’s.  Yancy is at Universal Studios as an academic honor.  Her favorite subject is Reading.  When Yancy grows up she will go to college and get a Master of Science degree in Teaching.  In her free time, Yancy likes to go fishing with her Dad.  Yancy’s Dad was a teacher in Cuba.  Now he has his own landscaping business.

I wish I had more time to get to know this lovely family, but alas, it was time for the 3-D Terminator 2 show to begin.

6 thoughts on “Maricsal and Yancy

  1. Hi Adella my name is Ray, we met at Universal Studios on march 25th i was the one who translated for Maricela and Yansay, just wanted to say hi and show you some pictures of my family.The picture in my profile is my wife, my 10 month old, and me.

  2. hi,, iam the oldest of the 3 daugthers of Maricela, and i love what ure doing its an amazing job keep going and maybe we can meet too, Iam very proud of my mom and my 2 sisters, I have a 20month old baby girl, so the tradition keeps on and on ,,, will keep being little girls jajaj best wishes YASNAY

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