Leah and Piper

This image shows a boat in the Florida Keys.

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Leah is raising her two children, in the very same Small-Town-America where she was born and raised.  Before she came back home,  she traveled around the world as a flight attendant, and lived in the Florida Keys and New York City (think Upper East Side.)  Now Leah is 35 years old and has two kids, a boy and a girl.  She’s married to a good Daddy, Jeff.  When Leah was a little girl, she fought all the time with her only sibling, her sister, Nicki.  Awww…  many of us have those memories.  I remember my best-friend-sister threatening to pee on me, if I didn’t release her from my big-time wrestling hold.

Look at the love just oozing out of Leah.

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Piper is 5 years old and she’s in Pre-school.  Don’t you just love the way her feisty personality is reflected in these pictures.

Piper love to color and paint and do gymnastics.  She is willing to play just about anywhere, inside or outside.  Her favorite colors are pink and red and green.  She loves flowers.  When she grows up, she’s going to be a dolphin trainer and a song writer.  She gets her inspiration from the television show “Austin and Ally.”

Piper treated me to a lovely song about Valentine’s Day.  Thank you Piper.  Maybe your next song will be about dolphin and flowers.  That’s sure to be a hit.

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