Carol and Kelly and Kate


I just want to throw my arms around these two and give them a great big grandma hug.

Kelly has her own business; she’s a massage therapist.  And she’s a mom.  That last thing, being a mom, is her love and her priority.  She has one child:  the lovely Kate.  Kelly concurs with Kate’s opinion:  she’s weird.  Le massage huile sur toile 1883, Musée des Aug...Still, more normal than weird.  Kelly loves to be active, especially outdoors.  She got into massage therapy because she’s a natural at taking care of people, and the cancer statistics sold her on her vocation:  half of all men and a third of women have cancer at some time in their lives.  Wow!  I never knew that.  Massage alleviates pain and discomfort and helps on a spiritual level, as well.  When Kelly was a little girl, she knew she wanted to be a mom.  Kate knows she wants that,too.  Kate is a baby freak.  She loves the babies.  Kelly is the youngest child in her family, with two big brothers.    She had a difficult childhood; her home was filled with turmoil and uncertainty.   Kelly’s experience as a child shaped her attitude about raising Kate and made her determined not to repeat the same pattern.  Kelly is 42 years old.

Kate loves being active, especially outdoors, just like her mom.  She is in poms and plays volleyball.  She loves dogs and plans to have one or two when she is grown.  She likes school:  Art is her favorite.

Kate’s Artwork

Kate thinks she looks and acts more like her mom, but certain things about her are more like her dad.  When she grows up, she wants to be an artist, have two kids, a dog or two, and a guinea pig.  When it comes to  pets, Kelly is great with dogs.  But guinea pigs?  She just rolls her eyes on that one.  Kate is 12 years old and in the 7th grade.

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I got to know Carol at little better over coffee.  She is 7o years old, a daughter a German mother and an American father.  She has one younger sister and an older brother who died at birth.

Carol grew up in Morton Grove, Illinois with a sister, 2 1/2 years younger.  Back then everyone hung around with the neighborhood gang. Not the hooligan type of gang, more like Spanky and Our Gang. 

The kids climbed trees,  played Hide and Seek, Kick-the-can and other games.  No one had air conditioning back then, and very few families had finished basements. In the hot summer heat the kids found a bit of shade, spread a blanket played board games. One of the guys in her gang turned into her high school sweetheart.  Carol and Teri got married when she was twenty.  Still, Carol is quick to point out the couple were good buddies before they fell in love.

Carol was a cheerleader in n grade school and she pitched for a girls softball team.  Her father was the umpire which led to many fights about his calls.

After high school, Carol went to Drake University in des Moines.  She knew from a little girl that she would someday be an artist, so of course she majored in art.   She discovered in college that she had less talent than she imagined, so she quit to find job and get married.

The first two years of marriage was quite traumatic sine her husband was in the Military Police and  a member of the Honor Guard  in Virginia.   She and her husband had an understanding:  if he didn’t come home, she was to pack up and leave for Chicago because that meant something bad was happening.  Together they weathered the Cuban missile crisis and President Kennedy’s assassination.

Carol has two sons and one daughter, Kelly, her  youngest.

When Carol was a little girl she never doubted she would succeed in life and make good decisions. She knew I had a future in art.  It took adulthood to point out to Carol just how inept she was.  In Kindergarten, Carol was exuberant singer.  The teacher asked her to only mouth the words for the Christmas pageant.  She’s never felt comfortable singing.

Oh my, I guess that teacher missed the memo:  children singing with conviction is one of the most endearing thing in the world.

Carol says the scariest thing about having a daughter was keeping her morally straight and away from drugs casual sex. Those things would disgrace Carol because everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood.  Still, Carol knew Kelly didn’t always follow the straight-and-narrow.  She told me a few secrets, but I’ll keep those to myself.

Carols believes the most important thing mothers can do for their daughters  is set a good example, be involved and be supportive. There are so many more options open for girls nowadays.  Good advice Carol.


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