Jenny and Abigail

When Jenny was a little girl, she loved to cook with her parents.  Jenny is 33 years old.  Get that?  Her Parents, not just her Mom.  What a great memory.

I asked Abigail what a grown up Abigail will look like. I believe she thought me rather daft.  She gave me about 1/10 of a second of her time.  Her lack of interest seemed to say, “What’s grown up?  I’m just trying to master walking.  Maybe I’d like to get as big as my cousin, who’s just a month older than me and about twice as big.  Still, he’s a lot more my size than the rest of the people in the world.”  Abigail is almost one year old.

Here’s a picture of Jenny, Abigail, and some more of her family.  I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow.  That little one on the floor is Abby’s cousin.  You’ve got some growing to catch-up, little girlfriend.

3 thoughts on “Jenny and Abigail

  1. love it Adela, how gorgeous is she?! Looking forward to reading more of your little girl entries – and familiarising myself with the world of the ‘little girl’ one I am about to enter into!

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