Janette, Megan and Tori

Last week, I visited Mom my folks in Michigan.  What fun!  I even got to see my best-friend-ever and blood sister, Connie.

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My sister Vickie, the littlest Big-Kid, asked me to meet her for lunch at the original Kewpee’s Burgers (Halo Burgers) next to the now-abandoned Vernor’s plant. Isn’t this just the best place to have a burger?

Vickie introduced me to all her new work-friends.  Oh my.   I still feel like royalty, just thinking about all the super-nice people I met there. That’s where I met Janette. She is 44 years old and has two gorgeous and grounded daughters.

Janette grew up the middle child surrounded by lots of cousins from both sides of the family.  She has two sisters.  Right after school, Janette followed the “love of her life” to NY City, before she realized maybe someone else was “the one” for her and decided to keep looking.  She came back to Michigan when sick of the big city and met her husband at work, of all places.  A group of co-workers played  Euchre at lunchtime.  Janette and “the one” got to know each other playing cards.  Good thinking Janette, you got to see how he handled stress, you got to taste his sense of humor, and you got to know a lot about him before you ever went on a date.was ex-employee.  Janette and “the one” got married seven years ago.

Janette says the scariest thing about being a mother of  daughters is all the worrying and wondering what they will be doing with their lives and making sure she make the right decisions for them.

When Janet was a little girl she joined a Brownie Troop.  She loved being part of a group and she learned a lot about contributing to a team.

Megan is 8 years old and in the 2nd grade; almost in the 3rd grade.  That’s because school is almost over this year, and Megan is a very good student.  She is very good at math.  I discovered that when I asked her tell me what she will be like when she’s a grown woman.

Red is Megan’s favorite color, she like every number (more evidence about loving math.)  Megan likes EVERYTHING at school; so no favorite subject for her.  She likes to play and go to school.  Mostly, Megan like EVERYTHING.  Except pineapple; Megan does not like pineapple.

Megan is unsure about what she will be like when she’s grown.  She told me she’s has a long time and she will probably know when she’s a teenager.  “Maybe I will know when I’m sixteen, that’s not for another 8 years.”  (See what I mean about loving math.  This girl is quick.)  Megan is considering zoo keeper as a career, but she’s leaving her options open. She’s keeping her options open about marriage and children:  “I’m not sure, I’ll wait and see.”

Torri is seven and in the 1st grade.  Her favorite color is pink; it was purple, but now it is pink.  Just like her big sister, Torri like everything  about school and she, too, is really good at math.

Torri loves to conquer the monkey bars, and she likes to watch


Barbie-A-Perfect-christmas-barbie-movies-19779064-735-829 (Photo credit: barbiefotos)


especially Barbie Movies. She has some Barbies of her own, just a few, not too many to count.

When Torri is a grown woman she may be a teacher at school or possibly a dance teacher.  She loves to dance and she even got to  take lessons from a super teacher.  Torri plans to be married and she wants to have children.  Still, like Megan, she’s not planning too far ahead.

I hope to introduce you to more of Vickie’s friends.  While I work on that, next up is three generations of women introduced to me by my dentist.  If you, or someone you know, wish to be added to “Little Girls, Then and When,” just send me an e-mail, and together, we can make it happen.

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