Deanna and Reaghan and Lauren

ThreeFullSizeRender (17) generations of fashionistas.  That’s just what shows on the outside.  These three are intelligent, inspiring, and innovative.

Deanna is 65. She’s the oldest of nine, with 5 sisters.  (In case you’re wondering, yes, she’s that Deanna.  My big sister.)
Deanna is a retired public health nurse, but hardly retired.  Besides working part-time, she’s planning an adventure to Spain.  She and her husband of 44 years will live in Spain for a year.  Before that happens, she’s  going to Argentina to meet some friends from way back when she was a newlywed.  Deanna likes to travel with friends or to friends.  She has a large group of friends and large family, and she loves the connections to all of them. 
Deanna has two beautiful daughters and 3 beautiful grandchildren.
FullSizeRender (18)Deanna has a “take it as it comes” style of mothering, so she  never thought of anything as scary. The most important thing is to continue to be a good role model and hope her daughters eventually saw and adopted values that would serve them well.  “It’s enough that they Live  up to own expectations.”

The best advice she ever got from her mother is to Be there for her daughters and guide them. Don’t try to force them to be something you think they should be.  That’s harder than you think, because Deanna says she is full of opinions.  During adolescence hold onto your self-esteem, she says.  “You’re never going to be your children’s best friend.”
When Deanna was a little girl she loved to pretend. She read books and stories, acting out Peter Pan and Never-Never Land. She and her friends and siblings made camps out on the farm, complete with rooms for everyone. She  loved to imagine and pretend.  “Maybe I was a dreamer,” she says in a far-away voice.  Maybe she still is.
Deanna feels so lucky and fortunate to have a good life.  One thing her life as a public nurse has taught her is a general respect for people.  Any change in circumstances could result in a dire situation.
Reaghan is Deanna’s second daughter.  She’s 37.
She’s in Spain with her husband and three kids and her career military husband. Reaghan is a  fitness trainer. She owns her own fitness company, Fit Evolution.  She thinks of herself as free spirit who’s a life-time student. “I  love to expand my mind with things I read.” Reaghan likes to help other people be better.  She likes it when people do that for her, so it’s just returning the favor.
DSCF0334Reaghan is open to new  experiences.  She like to travel and be outdoors.  She especially loves fresh air.  As she gets older, Reaghan thinks she’s getting more humble.
Reaghan has one daughter, 7 years old, and two sons, 4 and 1. She’s been married almost 10 years.
The scariest thing about raising a daughter is making sure that her daughter has confidence in what she’s doing. Like Deanna, Reaghan sees the value in being a good role model.  “I make sure whatever I do, is what I wouldn’t mind her doing.” The other scary thing is “if my daughter goes in a direction that I wouldn’t know how to give her advice. Like if she wanted to go goth.” That said, Reaghan hopes her daughter feels free to always be an individual.
The best advice Deanna ever gave Reaghan is “Your looks aren’t going to get you anywhere. You have to work hard to get what you want in life.”
When Reaghan was a little girl she was a daydreamer. She was always in her own little world.  She sang to the trees and played in the woods.  Reaghan always felt she was different from everybody else.  She felt special.
Reaghan’s advice to other mother is to never say never.  You never know what the future will bring.  She’s optimist at the same time a hypochondriac.  She often feels like something will go wrong with health.  For that reason she jokes that  God will curse her with a long life. She hopes that she encourages other people.
DSCF0462Lauren is 7 years old and just finished the second grade.  She love science.  Right before she left school in Florida and headed for Spain, she had cupcakes three days in a row. Once for her best friend Talon’s birthday; once for  a new student came; and once because she it was her last day.
Lauren’s favorite color is black (maybe she will like goth.) Her favorite number is 37 because the last number is her age and 37 is the age of her mom and her dad.
She loves YouTube, especially Minecraft. She likes Stamp Longnose. Christmas Craft is the best because she can decorate the house, and start a fire in the fireplace.  She also likes Bakery craft.
Lauren thinks she’s more like  Daddy, because he wrestles and gets them tuckered out.  Sometimes she gets stressed out after playing with him.
She likes doing fitness training with Reaghan.  Sometimes, half way through, she quits because she gets bored.
When Lauren grows up she wants to be a fashionista fashion designer.  She loves clothes and she always picks out her own outfits.

4 thoughts on “Deanna and Reaghan and Lauren

  1. I love the fact that Deanna is going to Spain for a year and I am guessing it is to be with her daughter and grandkids. Reaghan and Lauren are adorable.

  2. Is beautiful to know Deanna is going to be, with Mike , visiting us in September.We are those Friends who meet from time to time, but with all the good waves .Nice the intervee.

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