Carrie and Carly and Caroline

Just look at these  three adorable blondies.

Carrie grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago.  She was a figure skater for sixteen years.  <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

True love found Carrie at Bradley University, where she met her husband and got her teaching degree.  Make that two true loves.  Carrie taught elementary school, mostly 4th graders, for 10 years.  She went on to get her Master Degree in Administration and was an Assistant Director of Curriculum.  With all that management under her belt, Carrie is has all the credentials and experience to be a great stay at home mom.  She’s done that for four years now; she is mom to a six year old son, and two lovely daughters.  I guess you could say, true love keeps finding Carrie.  I met Carrie and her daughters at a Moms’ meeting.  She is 36 years old.  When Carrie was a little girl she wanted to be a veterinarian.  Now the thought seems insane.  Still, she does love her dog.

Two Duplo and one normal Lego bricks, photo ta...
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Carly is four years old.  She told me she doesn’t like to do Anything.  Still, she loves the colors pink and purple.  I bet she likes the books PINKALICIOUS  and PURPLICIOUS by Victoria Kann and illustrated by Elizabeth Kann. (I wonder if they are mother and daughter?)  If she doesn’t, I am confident she will.  After a little more consideration and a some thoughtful encouragement from Mom, Carly conceded she likes to go to the zoo to see animals; especially the peacocks.  She plays with Duplo-blocks and is in pre-school.

Carly loves to twirl.  See, it even says so on her t-shirt.  When Carly grows up she wants to be a teacher.  Hmm… perhaps it’s in the genes.

Caroline is 2 years old.  She loves strawberries and Minnie Mouse.  Look at how she squeezes love right into the Minnie of hers.  She also likes Elmo, stories, books and being at home.  When Caroline grows up, she’s still going to love her Minnie Mouse and strawberries and Carly.

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