Carol and Emma

  When Carol was a little girl, she wanted so badly to be a dietician.  She wanted to prepare food for people.  She also desperately wanted to wear glasses.  She pretended she couldn’t see.  The doctor prescribed window-pane glasses and she was happy as a lark.  Carol was a very happy little girl:  very inquisitive…Life was good until she was about seven.  That’s when she lost her mother.  Carol loved the word “Nonsense;”  the word made her laugh her head off.  She still likes that word, and especially likes to live it.  Carol is 68 years old. She has two grown daughters and two growing grand-daughters.  She also has a grandson, a husband, and a dog.  She still likes preparing food and now she really needs a little help from reading glasses.


Emma is eleven years old.  She said, “I’ve got nothing,” when I asked her what she might be like when she’s grown.  Still, she’s very attached to those safety glasses she got from school. Perhaps a scientist?  A welder? or maybe a Rule-enforcer.  It’s entirely possible, she just likes to be a bit nonsensical, just like her Mimi, er… Carol, her grandmother.



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