Candi and Susan and Emily and Sarah

I saw the profile of these four women at a Special Olympics Basketball tournament.  Yes, more basketball for me.  I wish I could dribble a ball and walk at the same time.

Candi is 59 years old, and is the mother of three grown children, 2 daughters and one son.  The son is the basketball player.  Everyone, including me, was there to cheer on his team.  Candi has eight grandchildren.  She’s been married for the past 25 years.  She’s a good spirited women and fairly happy.   Candi likes scrap-booking, cooking and having lots of time with the grand kids.  She enjoys travel and has been to every state except Vermont, New Hampshire, and Alaska.  Hmm…. Perhaps, she’s saving the colder states for last.  When Candi was a little girl she wished her dad was around.  She didn’t see him until she was older.  Candi is quick to point out that she had a wonderful step-dad, but she still missed her Dad.

Susan has six kids.  That’s right, six!  She has three of her own, two girls and a boy, and she has a step-daughter and two step-sons.  She got married in August of 2010.  Doubling up on kids is still relatively new.  No, her last name is not Brady.  <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Still, Susan could consider  a remake of that popular sitcom from her youth.  She is 37 years old.  She works at Aurora Health Care full time, and has a organic nutritional beverages and tea business with her husband.  In her free time she enjoys supporting Special Olympic events.  She is really involved with the kids:  school and well, kids consume her time.   When Susan was a little girl she wishes she knew then what she knows now.  Her mom got a whole lot smarter the older Susan got.  Susan was very lucky she had a place to bring friends and be comfortable just hanging out.  Her life was very blessed.

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Emily is 18 years old and very ready to graduate from high school.  After graduation, she will do what she always wanted to do:  go to Hair School.  She loves styling hair.  Emily also loves art, photography and music, especially The Black Veil Brides.

Emily’s favorite number is 8.  She loves all the colors of the rainbow.  When Emily is all grown up, she plans to own a hair salon of her own.

Sarah is 14 years old and halfway through her first year of high school.  She is in the color guard for the marching band. She’s swings those big heavy flags around while marching and dancing.  Her favorite subject at school is French.  (Mais ouis!)  Sarah’s favorite color is purple and her favorite number is 15.  Sarah says she hates math, but I find that difficult to believe.  She came up with her favorite number when she was ten.  She chose fifteen because she wanted a multiple of five and the age she would be on next birthday that fit the criteria.  That sounds like a math lover to me.  Sarah has a Chihuahua, Maxwell Warren.  She wants to be a pediatrician surgeon, have four kids:  a girl named Madelyn Rose and a boy named Henry Mason.  Sarah will let her husband name the other two children.  Oh, and Sarah wants to look just like her mom.

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