Britt and Stella

Do some of these people look a

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bit familiar?  Yes, that’s Carol and Emma.  You met them Monday.  Britt is Carol’s daughter, and Stella is Emma’s sister.  That makes them all one big family of Little Girls Then and When.  Look at all those ladies in red; you’d think they planned for a photo-shoot.  (They did not.)

When Britt was a little girl, she talked a lot.  She got in trouble at school for talking to her neighbors.  She never cheated, she just wanted to visit.  Sometimes her sister and mother challenged her to keep quiet, which only worked some of the time; just a teensy-weensy bit of the time.

When Stella grows up she wants to be a veteEnglish: U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, Japan (...rinarian, so she can take care of animals.  Stella is very gentle with kittens and she misses her dog, Murphy.  “He died,” she told me.  “We took him to the vet; he killed Murphy.”  (Murphy was old and suffering.)  Stella is empathetic and pragmatic, two good traits for a veterinarian.  Stella will be five years old next month.

Britt is 38 years old.  She is a junior high-school teacher who now works at a textbook company.  She artistic, too.  She took that photo of the sunflower.  Stella made some sunflowers of her own.  See them on the wall underneath Britt’s?

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