Bonnie and Taylor and Baylee

Softball player rounding second base after a hit.

Softball player rounding second base after a hit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

I met Bonnie a couple of years ago at one of G-Money and my favorite breakfast places. She continues to impress me with her intelligence, her strength, and her faith in God.  Bonnie is less about religion and more about the unending love of God.  Bonnie is 43 years old and has been married for 15 years.  For the first seven years, she  tried to kill her marriage and her husband, Todd with hot pockets and cheese, and other assorted junk food.  Lucky for her and hubby, an understanding church with charitable fellowship helped her turn all that around.  Bonnie’s husband is her best friend now and the only one she wants to be with.  Bonnie has tons of girlfriends; maybe it’s because she has no sisters.  She is an only child.  Still, Bonnie can’t imagine being as close to anyone as she is to Todd.  Lucky man, I say.  Bonnie has three children:  a son sandwiched between two daughters, Taylor and Baylee.

The scariest thing about raising a daughter is what might happen to her when she’s not with you. Every night Bonnie prays they will be protected when they out of her sight.  Bonnie says she a bit of control a freak and a fighter.  She wants things to be good and she fights for that to happen.



Taylor became ill with high fevers, rash, weakness, and hair loss.  After six months of fighting and researching, Taylor was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis, a form of lupus which can lead to  kidney failure.  Todd had been out of work for two years, just got a new job, and the family was eligible for health insurance just two weeks prior to the diagnosis.  Yes, Bonnie believes in divine providence.

When Bonnie was a little girl, she dreamed of having a family.  She was a natural sales person, selling rocks from her front porch.  Bonnie went to boarding school and remains close to some of the nuns there.  She studied art in Europe.  What an opportunity!  She’s traveled all over the world; she earned many trips were awarded through her outstanding sales records at  Cellular One.

Taylor is 14 years old and in the 8th grade.  She plays softball for traveling softball  team. Dad is her coach; Softball is her life. She loves volleyball, too, and school. She’s had High Honors since 6th grade, so when she graduates this spring, Taylor will receive special honors.  Her favorite subject is Math because it is so practical.  Math is useful in everyday life.  That said, Taylor’s best grades are in social studies.

Taylor’s favorite colors are teal and sky blue.  She loves dog because they are comforting  good listeners and always forgiving.  Taylor’s favorite number is 10.  That’s her softball number, her volleyball number and she #10 alphabetically in her class  Wow, that’s amazing. Ten is the number Taylor’s dad had when he played baseball. She uses ten anytime she needs to assign a number to something.

When Taylor is grown she wants have a family with at least two girls.  She wants to teach her daughters how to put on make up and do her hair, and of course, teach her to play softball.  But Taylor’s plans for a family are just the beginning.  She wants to be a nurse so she can help people who  have the same issues she has.   She will specialize in Rheumatology. Taylor is inspired by Jan who is there for the whole family.  Jan encourages Taylor to exercise, eat healthy, and stay away from salt and dairy, which are bad for her blood pressure, can interfere with her medications and makes her face puffy.  Taylor has one of the trickiest diseases to treat.

Taylor is looking forward to her 8th grade dance.  More than one boy has asked her to go, but she’s keeping her options open.  She’d rather be buddies with the boys in her class, rather than have a boyfriend. Good for you, Taylor.

Taylor is most like dad because she is very athletic like he is.  The two of them have the same emotions about things like waking up in the morning, and they are both danger prone.  Still Taylor is like her mom because she stands up for what she believes and is willing to fight for others.

Baylee is 10 years old and in the 4th grade.  Her favorite color is purple and her favorite number is 14.  She wanted to have #10 for softball, just like Taylor and just like her dad, but she got 14 instead.  Now that’s Baylee’s favorite number, and it’s the same as the day she was born.   Besides, it’s nice to have her own identity, because she is unique.

Baylee likes softball, just like Taylor. Best subject is social studies. She has really good friends that support her and her big sister. A couple of Baylee’s friends stopped by while I was there, and they are just like more little sisters for Taylor.

Baylee has a lot of tough times in school. Lupus makes scares her scared because Taylor is her best friend. She really misses her when she was sick and Mom was gone all the time.

When Baylee is grown she wants to do something with the Lupus Foundation or she wants to be remembered for something. She hopes to help others like the doctors and nurses do at the Lupus Foundation.  Baylee is artistic, like her mom.  See the note cards, and coasters she made with the purple lupus butterfly?

That’s Baylee’s artwork on the wall, too.

Baylee is lights up when she considers how much she is like her mother.  They have the same thoughts  at the same time; they read each others minds; they have the same expressions; and in Baylee’s words, they are both spazzes. They are both a ton of fun to be around, that’s for sure.

To learn more about Taylor and her involvement with the Lupus Foundation, please visit my feature article on The Black Tortoise (

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