Bonita and Maria and Anna

 Three generations of little girls.

A lucky man among beauties

Bonita is 59 years old and she is blessed with three daughters and 10 grand-children, if I counted correctly.  Bonita found her calling early in life: mother and wife.  That was shortly after she gave up on her first dream, turning into a boy.  After her daughters were nearly grown, Bonita entered college and became a physical therapist.  When she was a little girl, Bonita was extremely happy and innocent.  After all, she was Daddy’s little girl.Cover of "Daddy's Little Girl"

Maria is a social worker, who is moving from California to Texas with her husband, daughter and two sons.  I caught up with her, while they traveled.  Maria is 33 years old; she’s been married for 15 years.  Happily!  Her greatest accomplishment is her happy marriage and her three great children.  She’s worked in the school system and for an insurance company.  Maria can do just about anything she puts her mind to. When Maria was a little girl she had all the benefits of a loving family.  In today’s world she feels privileged to have the positive experience of her childhood.  There were so many people in addition to Mom and Dad who gave advice on everyday life.  Plus, she always had lots of kids to play with.

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Anna will be five, almost six years old.  She has two brothers and she is in kindergarten.  She likes to play with her friends, and she loves her Barbie dolls.  Anna likes school, especially recess because Anna loves to play outside.    When Anna all grown up, she’s going to be a ballet teacher.

Oh, if you are a regular reader, yes, Bonita ,is indeed, the same Bonita you have come to know and love.

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