Beth and Eryn and Morgan

Have you ever been waiting in line and wrangled over who was there first? I did, and to my delight, both of us tried to let the other go first.  That’s how I met Beth and two of her little girls.  She has four daughters altogether, but alas, two had to be in school on the day I met Beth.  I just finished yoga and Beth was signing the girls up for swim lessons when we ran into each other.  I do have fun meeting and chatting with new people standing in line that way.  Especially when both parties try their darndest to be the most polite.  The world needs more disagreements like that.

Beth loves blogs and she’s crazy about Pinterest.  Lucky me.  She is a middle school teacher by trade, and a stay-at-home mom by choice.  I bet she does her fair share of teaching with her four little girls.  Loren is 7 and Kaylynn is 5.  Meeting the older two girls will be saved for another day.  Beth loves working out:  running, Sh’bam, and swimming.  

  Sh’bam sure looks fun.  Maybe I’ll sign up for that next.  I do love to dance.

When she was a little girl, Beth ice-skated.  She wanted very much to be in IT, in fact Beth still wants to do that.  She’s always liked technology and computers.  Beth says she always had a computer, as long as she can remember.  I have a feeling Beth has a future in IT waiting for her.  She’s only 33 years old; she has a lot of time to switch careers a time or two.

Morgan is 4 months old.  She’s  much more interested in getting some nutrition in her, than being interviewed.  She’s a tiny little girl, but don’t let that fool you, she’s got character.  When Morgan grows up she wants to have teeth and chew solid food like her sisters.  And she’ll have ice cream for desert.  Beyond that, Morgan in more interested in sleeping than in planning her future.

Eryn had a healthy dose of suspicion when she met me.  Still, I can see a grin behind that scowl she’s trying hard to hold.  She loves Minnie and Micky Mouse.  Eryn is very tight with her big sister Kaylynn and likes to play outside. Her favorite color is blue.  She has a dog named Riley and two cats:  a boy named Tigger and a girl named Pooka.  Eryn is two years old and loves being a terrible two.  Her favorite thing to get her parents riled is to climb the stairs on the outside of the railing.  Oh Eryn, I do love a strong-willed little girl.  Eryn wishes to keep her options open about her grown up self.  Still, she plans to have plenty of Dum Dum lollypops on hand between now and then.  They are the very best kind of food for thinking.

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