Alice and Mary and Gwen and Morgan

A couple of days ago, I got the chance to talk to four generations of little girls.  What a lucky day!  That’s not even counting Jenny and Abigail, who married into this lovely family.

Alice is 88 years old.  Doesn’t she look fit as a fiddle? When Alice was a little girl, she had four brothers and no sisters.  She always had a good time.  That’s because of all those boys.  Alice’s whole face lit up when she told me that;  I could see the little girl still in there.

When Mary was a little girl, she lived in Chicago with three brothers and one sister.  I swear, this family has a strong “boy gene” because the girls are a bit scarce.  Mary is 61 years old.  It looks like fitness runs in the family.  Mary has two daughters and a son.

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When Gwen was growing up, she wanted, more than anything, to be was her Mom.  Gwen is 32 years old, and she doing a good job of being like her mom.  She has a couple of little boys, and Morgan, her only daughter.

Morgan is six years old.  When she grows up, she’s going to train dolphins.  Perhaps she will be a Princess dolphin trainer at Sea World!

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