Little Girls: Then and When

Believe it or not!  I started blogging over four years and 200 posts, and 200,000 words ago.  I created Once a Little Girl for two reasons:  to share my life experience with my kids and grand-kids and to give myself a warm-up for my real writing, my novel.   Subscribers from as far away as Australia and India surprise and delight me.  I feel connected to all of you.  Across the generations and around the globe Little Girls everywhere have an awful lot in common. New friends, like Linda Lowen at and Bob Lamb, writer and editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution urge me to convert Once a Little Girl to a Memoir.  (Mom’s been telling me that for two years, but she has to love me, she’s my Mom.)

Enough about me, already.  It’s  time to hear about some other little girls. Besides that, 200,000 words, holy mackerel, that’s enough words to fill two books.  Some previous posts will soon be password protected.  If you are already a subscriber, just e-mail me and I’ll give you the password.  Faithful Supporters, you earned your reading rights.

So, keep your fingers crossed and offer up some prayers for me.  Oh, I almost forgot:  for those of you waiting for my novel, I’m almost finished!  The working title is A Land of Milk and Honey.  The novel is with an editor now.  Someone I trust to be honest, forthright, and balance that with kindness.

4 thoughts on “Little Girls: Then and When

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  2. Congratulations and welcome to the land of memoir writers.
    I love little girls, I have 3 grown daughters and six granddaughters.

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