Everyone is Beautiful

This morning I viewed an interview with  Katherine Center.  Katherine is an author of several novels, Everyone is Beautiful.   I am joining the challenge. Look for pictures here.

Day 1: Me as Waldo (you know from the books "Where's Waldo Now"

Day 2:  Hands in morning prayer.  Lots of things call me away from listening.

Day 3:  Little piggies after a workout at the gym.

Day 4: Let’s hear it for the ears.

Day 5:  This is hard. I doubt I can do this for a whole month.

Day 6:  Getting ready for niece’s baby shower.

Days 7 and 8. It’s tough to find or take pictures I really like.  Even harder to keep looking at myself with a photographer’s eye.  I prefer being behind the lens to in it.

Day 9:  My favorite two wrinkles.  Really.  These are my deepest wrinkles and they are formed by a wide-open eyes saying, “Ooooo! How delightful.”  I wonder how may women have a favorite wrinkle.

Day 10:  Two beautiful women.  I do love this picture.  It was taken 10 years ago, at Mom and Dad’s surprise 50th wedding anniversary party.

Day 11:  Some neck bones are a good thing.

Day 12:  This picture came up on my screen-saver this morning, and made me smile:

Day 13:  I love playing the flute

Day 13:  Here I am with one day one Canaan.  Canaan makes an even dozen grandchildren.  Now that’s beautiful. (I’m happy with the way I look, too.)

Day 14:  I know I’m 10 days behind, but sometimes I just have to goof off.

Okay, this one takes all the guts and courage I can muster.  G-Money says it’s his favorite asset, next to my brain that is.  (Smart man to add the caveat.)


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