About Adela

I am the daughter of Rita and a sister to many.

I grew up on a small farm in central Michigan.

I am a novelist with two published books and two more on the way.

Look for A Ship of Pearl and The Fable of Little Tzurie on Amazon.com, in libraries, and upon request at your local book store.

Look for the audio version of A Ship of Pearl on iTunes and Audible.

38 thoughts on “About Adela

  1. Hello, Adela! I just stopped by to visit after reading your comment on “How do you get your teen to clean…” Your name caught my eye, because it’s so similar to my middle name, Adele (uh DELL)

    Your a novelist? Wow. Do you have any books published? It’s always been an idea of mine to publish, but have never taken myself seriously.

    Although, I did start a blog. Come and visit me sometime. It’s called Gloriadelia from my first and middle names, Gloris Adele.

    • Nice post, Gloris.

      I am a novelist – yet to be published. So far, a little success with short stories and poetry, and of course the blogs. Another blog of mine can be found at http://www.theblacktortoise.com.

      My goal is to post something everyday on “Once A Little Girl”, kind of a warm up to editing my book. The working title of the book is “A Land of Milk and Honey”.

  2. Hi Adela, thanks for dropping by my site (Wanderlust). Agree with Sharni, love the header photo. I live on the edge of rural prairie land and appreciate the wide open spaces. Signed up for your feed. – Kristin

    • Thanks, Kristin. I’m out near the prairies of Illinois now. I love having a cornfield in the back yard and hearing the coyotes teach their pups to howl in the springtime. You are my tenth subscriber. Thank you and Woot! Woot!

  3. Hello Adela. I was so pleased to see that you had stopped by my blog. I have been following yours for sometime, again, because ours are similar in some ways.

    I had added you to my bloglist, which seems to get longer with each day. My blog is a “baby.” I deleted an old one of ten years (saved it on word), so I could go with a new theme – something I’ve been wanting to write about. I also have started two new ones. If you should visit me again one day, please check them out. They’re listed under my profile info.

    Delighted to know you are a fellow writer or I should say novelist. I’m told to consider myself an “apprentice” since I refuse to publish. Now, in my sixties, I think I’m almost ready to let go of many works.

    Once again, it was so nice to have you stop by. I’m following you dear, so I’ll see you again in cyber space 😉

  4. Adela,

    I love your blog.

    I didn’t know you were such a big camper. I remember working at my first camp in college and sleeping outside the cabins at night. I loved going to sleep while looking at the stars.

  5. grandma I like your blog.
    What I have read so far is the part about when you went camping as a little girl.
    I am going to read more later on today.

  6. I put a new blog up on [www.picsandothers.weebly.com]
    The other thing is that I love love love your blogs they r so good its like reading a really good book that you cant put down I have read a few more of your blogs and I will keep ON reading them they are AWESOME.

  7. Adela,

    I just read your piece on About.com about your father’s death. My wife’s father died of cancer last week, and I’m searching, searching for ways to comprehend even a glimmer of her pain and heartache.

    Your words helped me take a small step toward doing that.

    Thank you.


  8. How are you doing on your novel? I’d love to read it when it is published. I am also working on a YA historical fiction novel. Mine is set in Illinois in the 1830s. Look forward to following you more closely!

  9. Hi Adela. I love your blog. I found your blog when I was searching for a blog’s title for my new blog. I thought that “Once A Little Girl” would be a perfect title for my new blog as I really want to share my life when I was little. Then I googled this title in case someone has taken it and it was. That’s how I found yours and fell in love with it. I hope to be inspired by your wonderful writings.

  10. Hi Adela. Thanks for checking out my blog post on baseball. I enjoyed reading your take, the feminien perspective, with the misshapen diamond story. Good stuff! I’ll be checking back.

  11. omg i love your blog (: so detailed and i love the outdoors your storys are very inspiring i hope that you could show me your novel i would love to have some of the amazing experences you had as a child!!!!!!!!!

  12. Timely read for me as I just had a birthday. Most of them have been slightly disappointing because I make grand celebrations for everyone and it never seemed to be reciprocated, and now I am on my own as my husband of 28 yrs decided to have an affair and run away, apparently to have more. Decided monogamy wasn’t for him but forgot to tell me. Another unilateral decision. So it’s a sad time but I have a lot to be grateful for only I am having a hard time convincing myself of that.

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