Love, Love Me Do

Can you believe it’s the anniversary of The Beatles first single? I listened to pop music way before I was a teenager, and I was still in 7th grade when The Beatles made their debut. Girls still wore can-can skirts and saddle shoes. But that was changing fast. So were a lot of other things.

Mom and Dad worked hard to get us annexed to a big school that had more science classes and other stuff that they thought Deanna and I might like. I had to stay at my elementary school for one more year. I cried and cried, until I had a headache and the hiccoughs. I wanted to got the high-school, for Pete’s sake, like Deanna did. Dad was on the school board, for sure he could make it happen.

He didn’t. (If he had, I might not have fell in love with Art. Oh Art, I still think about you sometimes. I wonder where you are.)

Betty M came back to live with her dad. All her sisters did. Mom said there must be some reason, since Betty was just a little kid when her parents got divorced. I sure was glad as all get out that I never had to choose. I’d choose Mom for sure on account of her good listening skills, which she said she learned from Dad. For my money, Dad was better at story-telling than listening. Besides, he worked all the time. No time for listening to my stories.

I’m sure glad I never had to choose. Dad paid more attention to who I was than I ever realized.

Anyways, Betty was mad about The Beatles: she got a Beatle haircut and wore mod shifts that came up above her knees. When Betty talked everybody listened, and when she laughed, everyone laughed, too. She wore white lipstick and black eyeliner. I had some lipstick, but I never wore it. That’s the same year Deanna shamed me into wearing a bra, because my nipples showed through my t-shirt. I hated bras. Mom said I’d get used to them, just like I’d get used to having periods.

Mom was right. Still, getting used to something and liking it are two different things. Plus, my nipples and t-shirts still don’t get along. Or maybe they do.

Lots of girls were crazy about The Beatles. I liked Ringo best, because he seemed like the plainest and he sat in the back, where nobody paid attention. I always was a sucker for the underdog. That’s why I liked Hoss on Bonanza, when everybody else was loving Adam or Little Joe. I just wanted to hug Hoss; same for Ringo.

I guess I’m still a sucker for the underdog. I wanted to believe Tonya Harding and O.J. Drat, why do people have to be so mean?

Mr. Neuinheis, my band teacher, said The Beatles didn’t make real music. “Sure you they have catchy tunes and you like to sing along, but you’ll never hear an orchestra playing their music.” He said The Beatles music would never last.

Mr. Neuinheis was dead wrong.

Love, Love me do.
You know I love you.
So pleee-eee-eee-eese,
Love me, do.

(Sorry, no pictures today. I’m working from my remote office.)


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