Help: I Love to Learn Stuff

I loved school when I was a little girl.  Heck, I still love school.  I just got back from a Write to Publish, energized and ready to go in a hundred different direction.

“Why do we hafta learn this?”  Betty said.  Her shoulders drooped and she dropped her head on her arm.  “When will we ever use this stuff?”  Betty’s feet swung below her desk.   Every year at the beginning of school, her desk got adjusted to the  lowest notch, and still her feet swung, her tippy-toes scuffing the floor.  I wished I was the tiniest kid, like Betty.  She stuck her bottom lip out at Teacher.

I never heard how Teacher answered Betty because my mind sat up straight and wondered.  What in blue-blazes was Betty talkin’ about?  Why in the world would she ask such a question?  Stuff is just plain interesting.  Why would anyone NOT want to learn something?  Who cares if you never ever use it for something in real life.

Perhaps that is why then and now, I may seem a little unfocused and scattered.  I still love to learn new things.

A few years ago, I joined a women’s group, a network of sorts.  The group’s purpose:  support each other in their life’s journey.  I got put into “Creating the Space” circle.  Essentially “Creating the Space” circle member got there early, set up and stayed late to tear down the meeting space each month.  The leader, my good friend for high school, Judith Wright, said “Creating the Space,” was perfect for me because I am spacey.

This little girl/grown-woman is never spacey.   Really.  My brain is chock full of ideas: places to go, things to ponder, and people to meet.  This little girl never stops thinking.

Okay, I concede, sometimes from the outside in, I may still seem spacey and unfocused.


space (Photo credit: Sweetie187)

Now for a little homework for my readers.  Why?  Because I think you can help me focus.

In just three words, tell me what Once a Little Girl is about.  G-money said that’s too hard.  So if three words is too few, you can break the rules.  I’m all for breaking rules, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Oh, and in case you wondered:  I only lasted a few months in “Creating the Space.”  I got a whole lot of practice setting tables and cleaning up when I was a little girl.  Nothing new left for me to learn there.

Three words, please.

7 thoughts on “Help: I Love to Learn Stuff

  1. I believe that Once A Little Girl is about “Reflections on growing up”. I am a rule follower so I will use just three words.Everyone at work calls me a rule follower, how did we grow up so different? I love you just the same. Bonita

    • You crack me up, Bonita. You may be a rule follower… but you are a creative rule reader and I can’t for the life of me figure out which three words I should count. Love you too, best-friend-sister.

  2. Adela, if you and I had grown up together, we would’ve been great friends. I absolutely love to learn for the sake of learning too. I don’t understand how people can go through life so un-interested. I just don’t get it.

    I’ve been called “spacey” too – and a perfectionist.


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