GloriaDelia stopped by to see Once A Little Girl some time ago. She like the similarities in our names. Me too.


Trust is not a four-letter word, but you’d think it was, I avoid saying it so often, as in, “I trust you, Lord.”  In God I definitely do NOT put my trust, my whole trust and nothing but my trust as often as I should. 

When I was little, my oldest sister and her boyfriend (now her husband) pulled a trick on me.  I was years younger than they and so when they asked me to step up on a board they were holding between them and let someone blindfold me, I did. 

 I trusted them.  Afterall, the board wasn’t very far off the ground.   So, I stood there on the board, with my little right hand up on my sister’s shoulder and my left up on her boyfriend’s for balance while one of their friends knotted a handkerchief behind my head. 

Then my heart skipped a beat as…

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  1. What a blessing to see “Oncealittlegirl reblogged your post.” Thanks for making my day. And, you know, I needed to be reminded to trust today. Blessings to you! Gloris (Gloria mixed with Doris. Gloriadelia is a mix of my first and middle name, Adele. My sister who tricked me with that board called me Gloriadel, and I added the “ia” at the end for my blog’s name.. =] )

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