Changes Coming Soon

When I was a little girl, I loved stories.  First, I listened to Grandpa’s and Dad’s and Uncle Merle’s, and Uncle Frank’s and Uncle Gerald’s stories.  Mom read me stories; some lasted weeks because she just read a chapter a day.  I started to make up stories of my own.  Sometimes I did that with my best friend and blood-sister, Connie; those stories were about fairies and magical cities.

I still love stories. Real life stories and made up stories.  The past few mornings I woke up at 4:00 AM with the same brand new idea in my head.  Because the idea is so persistent that it invades my sleep, you will be seeing some changes to this blog soon.  I just passed post number 200; that’s about 200,000 words.  Wheee!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!  You will hear from me again after the new year.  (Maybe before, but I have 8 pair of pajamas to make before then, so maybe not.)

Christmas Pajamas, 2010

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