Happy Birthday to Me

When I was a little girl, everybody was special on their birthday.  On my birthday, I didn’t have to do any jobs:  no setting the table or helping with Chores, no cleaning.  I got to pick out what I wanted for dinner, and Mom always made a special cake just for me.  I took cupcakes to school to share with all the other kids, if there was school that day; many times school got canceled on account of snow or ice.  That was like an extra special birthday.  Then I could go sliding down the driveway on my sled, or play an all day game of Monopoly.  No work, not even school, just play and be the center of attention.

So today, I’m taking the day off, going to Union station to pick up my a good friend:  Mom.  She’s spending the weekend, that’s what she wanted for her birthday!  My hubby and kids planned a special dinner and bringing all the grandkids.  I’m sure they’ll play Rock Band with me; I love playing Rock Band with kids, I can keep up with them (well, almost.)  No work, no setting the table, no chores of any kind.  What a special treat for me.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. I caught up! I have read them all and they are all wonderful! The one about Grandma and Grandpa made me cry. Keepem comin.


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